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Job Areas - Galderma (UK) Ltd

Discover more about the wide range of jobs that contribute to supporting one of the worlds largest dermatology companies.

Regulatory & Medical Affairs

Medical affairs:
Provides medical support to marketed products via publications and scientific symposia. Brings medical expertise to marketing strategy as well as expertise for the skin diseases explored and treatments developed by Galderma. Manages communications with the medical community through congresses, Internet and other channels.

Ensures that the benefit-risk balance of developed and marketed drugs is well understood and managed to ensure the patient's and company's protection. Monitors, assesses and reports to the authorities adverse events related to Galderma's dermatological products.

Regulatory affairs: 

Establishes the regulatory strategy for new dermatological solutions, compiles and publishes submission dossiers (paper or electronic) for each target country or region and supports the registration process.  Coordinates the modification and renewal of existing Marketing Authorizations as required by internal or external developments and regulations.


Marketing & Digital Communications


Develops plans for optimal product commercialisation and lifecycle management and contributes to commercial successes through sales force effectiveness.  The marketing group is responsible for research into activities undertaken to ensure patient, physician and company objectives are met.  Marketing have the responsibility of producing promotional campaigns as well as organising and executing educational events to both healthcare professionals and patients.  Galderma (UK) Ltd currently has marketing operations under its three business areas of prescription medicines, self medication products and aesthetic & corrective solutions.

Digital Communications

Working side by side with the marketing group, Digital Communications are responsible for the companies digital assets to both healthcare professionals and patients.

Sales & Product Promotion

Medical sales representatives and other personnel promoting our products provide practitioners with therapeutic solutions, products and scientific information across our three areas. Galderma aims at ensuring that its representatives are the most knowledgeable and closest partners to healthcare professionals, offering them services and information that are second to none in the industry.


Finance is responsible for recording transactions, keeping financial records, reporting and analysing financial information. It coordinates and monitors budgets and operational plans, as well as investment plans. Finance participates in the evaluation of product and corporate acquisitions and is responsible for ensuring compliance with internal controls.

Information Management

Provides secure and reliable information services and technologies to enable our dermatology company to operate across the UK & Ireland and as part of a global business. By partnering with our business client, we can better understand and anticipate needs, assess new technologies and develop and implement Information Management strategies to support greater business growth opportunities.


Human Resources

The mission of HR is to help create a work environment in which individuals and teams can deliver the best. HR design and implement policies relative to recruitment, compensation, benefits, professional development and career advancement. HR help employees and managers apply these policies and underpin processes to comply with Galderma's global objectives.


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