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Ethics & Values

Galderma’s ambition is to be recognised as the most competent and successful innovation-based dermatology company focused exclusively on meeting the needs of dermatology patients and physicians.

Implicit in our ambition are commitments to undertake and promote research and innovation, to be accountable for high quality manufacturing, distribution and promotion, and to ensure that healthcare professionals and patients receive the education and information about appropriate use of our products.
The Galderma Code of Ethics represents our commitment to comply with all applicable legal requirements in the countries where we operate. It is also intended to serve as a framework to help us meet the high ethical standards represented by our values.
We also have extensive policies and procedures contained in other supporting documents. Together, the policies and procedures and this Code establish our expectations. 

The following is a summary of the international Galderma Code of Ethics.


To Whom the Code Applies

Our Code provides the ethical guidelines and expectations for conducting business on behalf of Galderma. The Code is a resource for, and applies to, all Galderma executives, managers and employees. It cannot address every issue that we may encounter, but it does provide guidance and resources for those times when the right choice is not clear.
External partners of Galderma, such as subcontractors, vendors, agents and clinical research organisations, serve as an extension of the company.
Our partners are expected to adhere to the spirit of the Code when working on Galderma’s behalf, and we may terminate our relationships with them if they violate our standards.
Those who oversee external partners must never ask them to take actions prohibited by our Code, and must ensure that they are familiar with and trained in the relevant requirements of the Code and all applicable laws and regulations. For example, external parties promoting Galderma products must live up to our standards and have sufficient scientific knowledge in order to provide precise and appropriate information about the products they promote.

The Skin – Our Passion for Dermatology

Galderma is built on the concept that dermatology holds a unique position in the improvement of human health and that deserves our undivided dedication.
The skin is an organ unlike others. It is our interface with the world.
Where Galderma stands out is in the passion that our employees, since the very early days, have developed for dermatology and skin health. Skin protects, touches, warms, feels, sweats and blushes. All of this is compromised when the skin is sick. Our work is directed to assure and recover the health of the skin.

Focus on the Patient

We have chosen to concentrate exclusively on dermatology, in developing innovative treatments targeted at the principal diseases of the skin and providing exhaustive services to dermatologists and other healthcare professionals treating dermatology patients.
We consider our focus on the patient as the first of all the values of Galderma. Above all, we will strive to continue innovating for the advancement of dermatology in general. We are dedicated to achieving the highest quality and strive for excellence in everything we do, always keeping in mind the well-being and full recovery of patients as our main goal. We therefore:
 - Ensure that the best interest of patients and physicians who use our products receive utmost consideration;
 - Address the medical needs of patients, with the focus on the favorable efficacy/safety ratio of our products; and
 - Present scientific information about our products to physicians so they are able to make informed decisions and appropriately balance the risks and benefits of our products.

Innovation & Continuous Learning

We create an environment conducive to innovation. We encourage independent creativity and an active search for new solutions. We always support a willingness to change, learn and improve. Mistakes are accepted as a way to experiment and learn. We know that our edge over our competition derives from our ability to learn and to adapt our learning to our environment. At Galderma, we believe that training and development of employees are essential. We seek to provide development opportunities to our employees and we praise those who take the self-initiative to learn on their own or seek their own source of training.
We are also dedicated to promoting continuous education in dermatology to healthcare professionals and to patients.

Focus on Results

In order to contribute in a sustainable manner to progress in dermatology, we have to work to produce the profits required to create wealth over the long run and perpetuate the Company’s existence. Neither results nor resources exist inside the business; they exist outside. Results are best obtained by exploring opportunities. Focusing on and allocating resources to opportunities yields better results than the short-term resolution of specific issues. Beyond mere competence, economic results are earned by leadership and by understanding the challenges of a fast-changing global business environment.
We will create value for our shareholders by:
- Constantly creating, improving and delivering better dermatological solutions to patients and better alternative solutions for healthcare professionals;
- Maintaining a strong commitment to our research and development partners and academia;
- Maintaining fair and balanced relationships with our trade partners;
- Promoting and protecting the interests of Galderma;
- Being true to our values: being ethical in the way we seek results.

Co-operation, Responsibility, Authority & Accountability

Our success depends on our ability to combine our varied talents and our diverse perspectives, and to build on one another’s ideas and passions. At Galderma, we believe that the way we go about carrying out our business, individually and as teams, is in itself a source of motivation and a condition for lasting performance.
We seek every opportunity to build relationships, trust and expertise.
We know that effective cooperation, both:
- internally within Galderma, across divisions, countries and departments; and
- externally with our business partners and suppliers
will create greater value for the Company.
We are empowered to act, we accept responsibility and we hold ourselves and others accountable. We want people to take responsibility for their actions and empower them with authority. Along with that comes a personal accountability for our actions.
Performing one’s role responsibly means knowing what can be done and how to do it, with the interests of Galderma in mind and without compromising the integrity of our values and policies.

Respect for Law, Ethics & Morals

We strive to respect all laws and regulations and comply with the best standards of behavior in each country in which we operate. We will lead by behaving ethically and by keeping high moral standards. Honesty is an absolute must.
It is important that each of us is aware of relevant laws and regulations that apply to our work and that we never engage in conduct that violates applicable laws and regulations.
Wherever Galderma operates, it does so in accordance with its own values, one of which is ‘Respect for the Law’. It recognises and respects the culture, the political system and the laws of the countries where it carries out business.
Galderma contributes to the health of patients and to the management of public health in countries where it markets its products.

Respect for the Individual & Balance

We uphold the self-esteem and dignity of the individual and each other’s culture. We foster an environment of reciprocal respect conducive for the expression of views and ideas, irrespective of hierarchy. We value positive qualities, such as efficiency, enthusiasm at work, tranquility under pressure, courtesy and empathy. We do not encourage malingering, idleness, panic and constant argumentativeness. We respect those who speak their minds, but not those who do so out of arrogance or self-righteousness.
We believe the individual is one and indivisible, but also multiple in his/her interests. Therefore, we seek a balance between work and personal life. We believe it is important to have time to pursue personal interests, to work in a respectful and pleasant environment and to have a full and content family life.

Supplier Code

The Galderma Supplier Code establishes the standards that we require our suppliers to adhere to when conducting business for dermatology company Galderma.  By accepting the Code, our Suppliers commit to ensuring that all business relationships with Galderma comply with the provisions contained therein.  This code demonstrates our desire to obtain clear and sustainable commitments from our suppliers in terms of environment, social aspects and business ethics throughout the course of our business relationships which are intended to be as profitable as they are responsible.

International Supplier Code (last updated - 2011)

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