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Galderma's Global dermatology drug discovery

At dermatology company Galderma, highly skilled teams with advanced knowledge in their field of activity use state-of-the-art technology to generate greater innovative capacity in research and development.

Our R&D center in Sophia Antipolis (France) is equipped with high level technology platforms which will have a significant impact on finding new therapeutic approaches and target areas for the future.

During the last ten years, the paradigm shift within the pharmaceutical industry: humanisation of upstream testing, drug discovery and development has mainly resulted from new emerging technologies related to miniaturisation, high throughput and information management. This is an important new direction which has been taken by Galderma globally. 

Areas of expertise


Human Genome Analysis
The whole human genome can be analysed under differential physio-pathological conditions in a one square cm chip. Genes of interest can be mapped rapidly and this may lead to the identification of proteins and metabolic pathways indicating biological markers and potential new therapeutic targets within a given pathology.


Robotic Screening
Advanced robotic chain equipment allows the screening of hundreds of thousands of compounds. This helps identify molecules that will work on specific therapeutic targets. These molecules can then be further developed into effective compounds for specific diseases.



Pharmaco-Dynamic Models
State-of-the-art, well-documented, integrated pharmaco-dynamic models in reconstructed skin allow precise early evaluation of the therapeutic potential of future drugs.



Imaging Technologies
New imaging technologies allow qualitative and quantitative assessment of the effects of the potential drugs in tissues and cells. An imaging technology platform helps to find appropriate formulation solutions for future application to humans.



Miniaturised Human Biological Assay
Miniaturised human biological material is used to provide information on early pharmacokinetics such as absorption through the skin or different organs, the metabolic profile, once the compound has been applied topically or administered orally, and early information on safety. The relevance of the data collected at this stage improves attrition rates throughout the process, increasing the efficiency of the overall R&D process.

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