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Dermatology company Galderma's global development

Pre-Clinical Development, Pharmaceutical Development, Clinical Development and Project Management for products developed by Galderma.

Global development

Pre-Clinical Development

At Galderma, study Directors and Technicians work on studies related to Administration, Distribution, Metabolism and Elimination, using advanced technologies in Bio-analysis.

Pharmaceutical Development

Dermatology company Galderma's Pharmacists and Engineers manage all the Formulation and Analytical Development steps while respecting Good Laboratory Practices.

Clinical Development

Galderma's R&D clinical trial managers, clinical trial monitors, statisticians, data managers, scientific writers and regulatory affairs managers work hand-in-hand in cooperation with different experts to set up a clinical development plan that meets the medical and regulatory requirements of different countries. Clinical trials are conducted in a highly regulated environment, including smaller mono-center trials for specific purposes, such as pharmacokinetics, dermatological safety trials, or early efficacy studies for dermatological indications. Larger studies include international multi-center trials to investigate dose ranges, regimen and confirm efficacy in the general population for a chosen indication. Phase I to III clinical trials are currently being conducted for over 20 projects involving new chemical entities, as well as formulation, dosage or other line extensions.

Project Management

Dermatology company Galderma has chosen to adopt a Project approach to development and for this reason all the above development activities are coordinated by Project Leaders.

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