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Growing a responsible dermatological community

Social Responsibility

We are empowered to act, we accept responsibility and we hold ourselves accountable to others.

The key to leadership is to take responsibility for one’s actions and to empower people to act in accordance with Galderma’s core values. For Galderma, this means knowing what can be done and how, without compromising the integrity of its values and internal policies.

Skin healthcare is at the heart of our concerns. Our business is to strengthen and support the dermatologist community, to make it better and more efficient in our quest for better dermatological healthcare.


We know that our edge over the competition comes from our ability to learn and to adapt our learning to our environment.
Education is key to our activities. It increases the skills of professionals, defines our action and our relationship with the public, patients and the communities of healthcare professionals across the world.
Relationships with healthcare professionals are intended to benefit the patients first, while also enhancing best practice in dermatology as a whole.
Galderma is a dermatology company committed to provide skin healthcare knowledge to medical professionals for the benefit of all thus supporting medical knowledge, grants and continuous education.

Galderma is an ethical and socially responsible company, committed to the improvement of patients’ health through high-quality medical solutions.
It is an important responsibility to increase global awareness of skin diseases that are often neglected or misdiagnosed. Equally, it is a duty to empower patients, physicians and research organisations. Galderma is undertaking to do both, in the belief that this will foster a healthy environment, advance research and lead the way to new medical discoveries.
Galderma provides support to a wide variety of initiatives that share this same goal.

Full access to effective skin healthcare for patients all over the world.
Galderma is committed to succeed in an ethical and socially responsible way for the benefit of society, people all over the planet.
Our vision is that all stakeholders and the healthcare community in particular, should be educated on skin health issues, innovations and medical solutions.
Creating the positive framework for dermatologists to treat skin conditions early and to reach out to larger populations is one of our goals for cure and prevention.

Local Initiatives

As part of Galderma's global vision, Galderma (UK) Ltd has developed a number of patient and healthcare professional programmes to assist in the education of dermatology.  These programmes have been developed across our business units of prescription, self medication and aesthetic and corrective solutions and include a number of different disease awareness campaigns as well as professional training for healthcare professionals.  Galderma (UK) Ltd is also proud to support a number of charities, more information can be found here.

Global Initiatives

Galderma globally has a number of initiatives in social responsibility and education, more information on these can be found by visiting our international site via the links below.

Skin Pact

The Galderma SKIN PACT Awards in partnership with the ILDS

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Corporate responsibility

Growing a responsible dermatological community

Discover some of the positive initiatives we are involved in across the world



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