Financial Sponsorship, Donations & Grants

We regularly work with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs) who advise us on a range of topics such as medicines development, the role of a medicine in a patient treatment pathway; health economics and clinical best practice. These working relationships are essential to gaining the real-world information we need in order to deliver treatment choices that improve the health of patients and to share information that may be relevant to clinical decision making.

We want people to know, and understand, what we do and how we do it. We are committed to transparency about how we operate as a business and about the relationships we have with HCPs and HCOs. Sharing information about these relationships in a straightforward and open way will, we hope, help explain the critical value these relationships bring to patient management.

We believe that transparency is essential to building and maintaining confidence in us and in our medicines and strongly support the work being done by The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) to improve transparency across the pharmaceutical industry. The EFPIA Disclosure Code provides a common basis for reporting across Europe in relation to transfers of value. Disclosure of payments made to UK HCPs and HCOs for events held each year will be available at the end of June the following year.

These reports disclose all the transfers of value made to UK Health Care Professionals (HCPs) and Health Care Organisations (HCOs) by Galderma (UK) Ltd. This methodological note presents some of the key aspects of how the transfers of value are categorised and in what format they are disclosed. The transfers of value disclosed in this report cover all the payments made by Galderma (i.e Galderma (UK) Ltd and its overseas affiliates) to UK HCPs and HCOs.  The report is published by Galderma (UK) Ltd. 

Galderma activities per EFPIA category

EFPIA Category

 EFPIA subcategory


Donations and Grants (HCOs only) 


- Charitable contributions
- Business Donations
- Educational grants (e.g. fellowships, courses provided by a HCO where Galderma does not select the individual HCPs participating)
- Sponsoring of speakers/faculty which by nature of purpose and funding are classified under educational grants

Contribution to Cost of Events

Sponsorship agreements
(HCOs only)

- Placement of a brand logo in a conference program or invitation communication in exchange for supporting the program
- Funding an event in return for a display booth
- Funding an event in exchange for advertising space
- Other advertisement space (in paper, electronic or other format)
- Satellite symposia at a congress
- If part of a package: Name badges, drinks, meals etc. provided by the organisers (included in the sponsorship agreement) 


Registration fees

- Fees paid for the HCP/HCO to attend events not organised by Galderma


Travel & Accommodation

- Travel (e.g. flight, train, taxi, car hires, tolls, mileage reimbursement, parking)
- Accommodation 

Fee for services and consultancy


- Speaker engagements
- Advisory Boards
- Study-related
- Post-marketing surveillance studies
- Medical writing
- Data analysis
- Development of education materials
- General consulting / advising
- Speaker training if linked to a speaker engagement 


 Related Expenses 

- Travel (e.g. flight, train, taxi, car hires, tolls, mileage reimbursement, parking)
- Accommodation

Research and Development Transfers of Value


Clinical Trials
- Data Monitoring Committees related to studies
- Non Interventional Studies
- Investigators Initiated Research (IIR)
- Clinical & Research Collaboration

Sources of Information

The transfers of value are collected from the internal and external data sources and systems and then fed into a central database where data is validated and stewarded. From the database, the disclosure reports are generated.

Definition of the Transfers of Value 

This section outlines some key aspects of how the transfers of value are defined. 

Definition of HCP:

“UK Healthcare Professionals” (HCP) shall mean physicians and pharmacists practicing in the UK and exercising their professional activities there on a full-time basis as well as any member of the medical, dental, pharmacy or other nursing professions or any other person who in the course of his or her professional activities may prescribe or apply or lawfully trade in medicinal products for human use.. These include employees of government agencies or employees of health insurance funds responsible at such agencies for prescribing, procuring, supplying or administering medicinal products or deciding on their eligibility for reimbursement.

Definition of HCO:

“UK Organisations” (HCO) shall mean, irrespective of their respective legal organizational form, all medical or scientific association or organisation having their seat in the UK which are made up of Healthcare Professionals (e.g. medical-scientific associations) and/or through the latter provide medical services or conduct research (e.g. hospitals, university hospitals or other teaching or research institutions). These also include institutions through which Healthcare Professionals perform services (such as consultancy services), irrespective of what position or function the Healthcare Professionals assume in these Organisations. Organisations within the meaning of this Code do not include “Patient Organisations”.

Date of transfer of value

Galderma (UK) Ltd will disclose all payments made to UK HCPs/HCOs for events which took place for each year.





Methodological Notes



Updated June 2017

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