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Our Social Media Policy

Social media enables us to interact and communicate with our you in a way that traditional websites cannot. We may use social media as part of our commitment to transparency and to provide timely information to our customers and stakeholders on various topics, including company information, information on our brands and disease awareness campaigns.

We take our commitment to our online presence seriously.  In response to this, the following 'House Rules' or comments policy applies to Social Media Platforms operated by Galderma (UK) Ltd.  Its worth noting, we constantly monitor and may moderate any social media channel we use to ensure these House Rules are adhered to.

Galderma (UK) Ltd Social Media House Rules

Galderma (UK) Ltd Social Media profiles (including but not limited to profiles relating to the company, its brands or disease awareness campaigns initiated by the company) are intended for United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Residents only. The House Rules detailed below are here to help provide a quality environment for our fans and followers. If you do not want to follow these rules then please interact with (e.g post or comment) with this profile.

  • Firstly, thank you for your constant enthusiasm, passion, and lively participation on our page / profile. We love reading your blog posts, comments and seeing your images, but we will remove any comments that are inappropriate or offensive.
  • Please respect other users. We understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion but we will not tolerate posts that are hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist or those that specifically target a religion, nationality or political belief, and they will be removed.
  • Offensive language, pictures and inappropriate links to external sites, will also be removed from the page.

  • Please do not give out any personal information such as names, addresses or telephone numbers. Always be safe online!

  • We ask that you don’t impersonate anybody else.

  • We love reading your blog posts and product reviews but do try to keep the posts relevant.

  • Please do not breach copyright laws by posting chunks of text or images that are not your own.

  • As a useful resource,  we may sometimes provide links to information and resources not owned or maintained by Galderma.  These are provided for information only and Galderma does not does not guarantee and makes no representation as to the accuracy, correct functioning or accessibility of any link provided.  Links to other resources are provided only as a convenience to users.

  • Finally, Galderma operates in a regulated industry, therefore we can not;

    1. engage in conversations about pharmaceutical products. This includes Prescription Only Medicines (POM’s) and  ‘P’ Medicines or Medical Devices where the topic of conversation is not in line with the products approved license.  Please refrain from mentioning Galderma pharmaceutical products or pharmaceutical products from other companies.
    2. engage in discussion concerning your personal circumstances or provide health or medical advice.  The information provided in this platform is not intended to promote the use of Galderma products or provide information on which to base a medical treatment.  Consult a healthcare professional for more information about your condition and the treatment that is right for you. Please refrain from asking medical questions or providing medical / health advice.
    3. engage in discussion on adverse events.  If you are currently using a Galderma product (Prescription Only Medicine) and need to report an adverse event please visit  All Adverse events should also be reported to Galderma (UK) Ltd (

Thanks for taking a peek at our House Rules for Social Media Profiles operated by Galderma (UK) Ltd.  Don’t forget to take a look at the specific platforms full terms of use.  

Just so you know, the comments posted on this Page by users do not represent the opinions of Galderma (UK) Ltd.

If you have any further questions on this policy, please contact us

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